The ‘constitutional patriotism’ oozing intellectuals and historians who have only tried to understand India either ‘before’ or ‘after’ Mahatma Gandhi, are consciously pushing forth agendas that aim to destabilise India and halt her march towards self-reliance

Those preaching ‘constitutional patriotism’  whatever that means  have generally and always kept silent when the actual idea of India has been challenged, threatened and attacked. Having built careers in the sanitinised confines of Ivy-league institutions and having survived on political doles thrown to them by patrons who expect to be shielded and eulogised for the stupidest or unkindest moves, these ‘finest public intellectuals’ live on obfuscation, intellectual subterfuge and hermeneutical dishonesty.

Those using their letter-power and hollow logic to ‘support’ the celebration of terrorists in the hallowed precincts of a leading educational institution in the country and thereby encourage the further replication of these acts across the land, those justifying the abuse of the constitutional institutions of the land and the incitement to violence against these institutions “Afzal, your killers are still at large” is not an innocent cry but a blood-thirsty howl to eliminate all those who work to uphold the unity and sovereignty of India  also fall in the league of anti-nationals, anti-national intellectuals who owe allegiance not to the all-encompassing and inspiring idea of India but rather to themselves first, to India-haters next, to a section of their political patrons who have only the interest and welfare of a particular dynasty or family in mind, a welfare and benefit to be accrued at the cost of India, at the cost of her well-being, at the cost of the security of her millions of ordinary citizens.

Such an ‘avant garde’ intellectual action by these ‘free-thinkers’ has generated a peculiar spectacle where worshippers of Mao and Stalin — the two crudest genocidal leaders in the history of mankind  and members of a family which, following Adolf Hitler, blacked out democracy in India in 1975 and allowed a mass-killer of Indians, Warren Anderson, to escape India with impunity after having committed his genocide, articulate definitions of nationalism and patriotism. It was thus a hugely ironical spectacle to see comrade Sitaram Yechury, whose ideological ancestors had opposed India’s freedom movement and were active in subverting that freedom once it was achieved. speak of freedom, free expression and democratic rights. Or was it ironical, comrade Yechury was just loyally following the footsteps of these ancestors of his by remaining true to his ideological indoctrination which has taught him to see India not as a nation but as a sub-continent where a ceaseless clash of class continues and which needs dismemberment at the first instance so that there could be ‘true liberation’. Weren’t the communists the ones who cried in 1947: “Ye azadi jhuta hai (this freedom is false)” and took up arms to oppose free India?

No column space or ink is spilled on asking a few fundamental questions; the Ivy-league and world-certified intellectuals are busy justifying why it is necessary to allow a group to create unrest and celebrate the ‘martyrdom’ of those elements who worked, in collusion with forces inimical to India, to wrack her apart. Ironically these intellectuals, many of whom have survived over the years on doles from the nodal Indian Council for Social Science Research, the Reserve Bank of India and other such ‘hated state’ institutions, have risen to support the breaking of India, “tukde tukde”, the dissolution of India, the severance from India and freedom for Jammu & Kashmir  the azadi that the JNU sloganeers demanded for Kashmir was the azadi as defined by the actions of “Maqbool, Afzal and Hurriyat” the first two terrorists who conspired to dismember India and the other a discredited self-styled people’s front supported by Pakistan and dreaded terrorists outfits. Any sane and impartial observer would discern that the sloganeers have honed their skills elsewhere and where not the usual ‘made in JNU’ types who stick posters and take out marches in support of some far-off revolution.

The appeal to join the ‘cultural evening’ on February 9 in support of terrorists said, “We appeal to you to join a cultural evening in rage against the occupation of Kashmir by the Indian state, and in solidarity with the valiant struggle of the people of Kashmir for their inalienable right to self-determination.” The appeal also cited with certain aplomb, “Comrade Charu Mazumdar” (CM), an ideological relic from a hoary past, and his call for dismembering India, “The slogan, ‘Kashmir is an inalienable part of India’, is given by the ruling class in the interest of plundering. No Marxist can support this slogan. It is the essential duty of Marxists to accept the right of self-determination by every nationality. On questions of Kashmir, Nagas etc, the Marxists should express their support in favour of the fighters.” Comrade Karat, comrade Sita and the hordes of Marxists thus, both, expelled and liberated, strove hard to stay true to the vision of ‘CM’ and have also accepted in that act that Kashmir was an ‘occupied state’.

It was this evening that gradually manifested itself through slogans that demanded the not only the ‘liberation’ of Kashmir but also of Assam, ‘Nagalim’, Manipur and ,of all places, the Indian state of Kerala. In no other democratic nation, whose leading lights had toiled so hard to give the people a stellar Constitution, would one witness the vulture-like convergence of political leaders and Members of Parliament who have taken oath on the Constitution of India, in support of those who have essentially and unequivocally called for the dissolution of India. Thus comrades Yechury, Sudhakar Reddy, D Raja and that lost and confused scion of the Congress first family, himself a ‘comrade’ of sorts, Mr Rahul Gandhi  under whose grandmother’s premiership Maqbool was hanged and under whose party’s rule later Afzal was tried and hanged  had essentially converged to support the ‘vision’ of Charu Mazumdar and present-day terrorists whose sole objective is to see India broken and fragmented. For them nothing is sacrosanct in the Indian constitutional set-up, the Supreme Court of India  hich had passed the judgements  least of all. No one asks, for example, how is it that parliament member and Communist Party of India leader D Raja’s daughter was an active and leading part of a demonstration that called for India’s destruction. Hasn’t Mr Raja owed his allegiance to the Constitution while taking oath as member of Parliament? Or is that too a diversionary tactics for the adoption of revolutionary methods to dupe the Indian constitutional framework?The ‘constitutional patriotism’ oozing intellectuals and historians who have only tried to understand India either ‘before’ or ‘after’ Mahatma Gandhi, are consciously pushing forth agendas that aim to destabilise India and halt her march towards self-reliance. The argument for freedom of expression is just a smokescreen.


Yes indeed, the struggle and ‘jung’ shall continue  but not until “India is destroyed”; until India triumphs and the enemies of her civilisational soul are relegated and dissolved for perpetuity.

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