Dr #SyamaPrasadMookerjee’s house in #Kolkata

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It is always a deeply moving feeling to visit Dr #SyamaPrasadMookerjee’s house in #Kolkata. It is a house that has witnessed some of the most momentous phases in India’s history. This evening I had the honour of speaking on his life there. Prime Minister Modi spoke of SPM’s life having 3 dimensions: “Vidya”, “Vitta”, “Vikas”… SPM’s role as a union minister saw him undertake far reaching initiatives, his stressed on MSMEs, infrastructure, handloom, textile, cottage industry to defence indigenisation. SPM’s legacy stands as a sentinel & it is: anti-national forces, break India forces, separatists, urban-naxals, terrorists, those who indulge in vote-bank politics, tamper with national security, resort to appeasement politics who continue to fear him most.