‘Why Silent on Film Industry’s Drug Problem?’ BJP Attacks Aparna Sen for ‘Defaming’ BSF

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BJP leader Dr Anirban Ganguly recently issued a legal notice to actor and filmmaker Aparna Sen for her alleged comments on BSF personnel during an event.

BJP leader Dr Anirban Ganguly, who sent a legal notice to actor and filmmaker Aparna Sen for defaming the Border Security Force (BSF), on Friday questioned why she was silent on the ‘proliferation of drugs in the film industry’.

Ganguly, who is the National Executive Committee (NEC) member of the BJP and Honorary Director of the Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation (SPMRF), sent a legal notice to Sen on Wednesday for allegedly terming BSF (personnel) “rapists” and “murderers” in an event in Kolkata.

Later, Ganguly said in a tweet: “I have issued a notice through my lawyer to Smt Aparna Sen asking her to issue an unconditional apology for terming the @BSF_India a force which indulges in “rape” & “murder”. Her behaviour is obnoxious, toxic, vicious & disgusting. She speaks the language of India’s enemies.”

Speaking to News18.com, Ganguly said that West Bengal is a bordering state with huge intricate national security challenges. “I felt that such a sweeping statement made by her is absolutely shocking,” the leader said.

The BJP leader said Sen should instead be concerned about the proliferation of drugs in the film industry. “She should be concerned about that. Has she made any statement on this? Media is giving her publicity for TRPs. An intellectual section knows how to get publicity. We are not in the publicity game,” he said.

On the alleged ‘anti-national’ statement made by the filmmaker, Ganguly said, “Let the people judge and decide about the statement she made against the BSF. I have conveyed my opinion about the issue through a letter (referring to his legal notice).”

“She is such big celebrity…we are all the hoi polloi..we are all subalterns..all I would like to suggest to her is that she concentrate on a fitting tribute on Satyajit Ray who shaped the career of many including her and the person who gave these artists an international recognition. They must focus on how best they can celebrate the 100 years of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray rather than indulging in all such debates,” he said.

Ganguly said BSF personnel also have daughters and female members in their house, and they selflessly guard the border while staying away from their families. “She does not even have any idea and understanding about India’s national security challenges. We should be proud of our jawans rather than criticising them,” he said.

BJP Bengal Chief Dilip Ghosh also commented on the matter, saying, “They always speak against the country. Whatever is there for the nation they are against that. They have always taken facility from the government but will say things like these.

Ganguly’s comments came after Aparna Sen, at an event in Kolkata, said the military is being given more power than it should get. In her speech, she allegedly termed BSF personnel as ‘murderers’ and ‘rapists’.

Her statement came in the context of extending the jurisdiction of the BSF in West Bengal, Punjab, and Assam from 15 KM to 50 KM.

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