Opinion | New Parliament for New India: Why Mocking it is a Disquieting Idea

Post Views: 29 Much as they would like to obfuscate and subvert history, the Nehru-Gandhi Congress and their political extension — the Indian communist parties — have been stung by the revelation of the Sengol ceremony and of Jawaharlal Nehru’s participation in it. Evidence of various kinds exists to prove …

Reimagining & relaying the Buddha link

Post Views: 74 The successful shaping of the ‘Asian century’ cannot be envisaged without putting the philosophical underpinnings of Buddha’s teachings at the centre stage “I have always believed that I have a special connection with Lord Buddha. I experience that I am connected to his thoughts and his path …

BBC & the ‘Mayo’ mentality

Post Views: 405 Malicious agenda of denigrating India are in continuation of the vile narrative painted once by Katherine Mayo — a committed ‘Indophobe’ hired during the British rule. The acute irony and deep symbolism of the fact that India, in the 75th year of her hard-earned freedom, surpassed Britain’s …