BJP office in Howrah set on fire during violent protests over comments on Prophet

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Kolkata: BJP leader Anirban Ganguly on Friday said that a party office in Howrah was vandalised and set on fire by protestors during a protest over comments on Prophet Muhammad. He asked the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to identify and arrest the rioters who vandalised the party office in the district, which witnessed violent protests first on Thursday and then again on Friday.

In a tweet, Ganguly said: “Since they listen to her and unfailingly vote for her, West Bengal Chief Minister and Home-Police Minister @MamataOfficial should be able to identify and arrest these rioters/pelters who vandalised & set fire to the BJP office in Howrah rural dist this afternoon. Why is she silent?”

Protests broke out in Howrah and in some other places over comments on Prophet Muhammad. Protestors turned violent, blocked highways and burnt tyres, disrupting the traffic on Thursday. Today again, a huge crowd gathered at Howrah. They set police vehicles and booths on fire during the protests.

Earlier today, Ganguly had also shared an image saying police did not act when protestors blocked the highway on Thursday. He also attacked Mamata Banerjee over police action in the case. “This exactly depicts all that ails #WestBengal under Madam Nero’s rule! While rioters block & mob a part of Howrah district, hold up traffic on NH, inconvenience patients & children & thousands of commuters, Lady Nero’s police watch the “fun.” Yesterday in Domjur,” he said.

Today, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar sought an urgent report from the Chief Secretary over the deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

In a statement, he said after the blockade of NH (National Highway)-116 for 11 hours, it was expected that the administration would be in an overdrive to take preventive and precautionary measures “which unfortunately are not reflected on the ground”. The Governor said vigilant steps were required to be taken in the wake of The Imam Association of Bengal circulating a video clip raising protest and its President urging demonstrations after Friday’s namaaz session.

“In view of the alarming law and order situation in the state since yesterday, including reported deaths today, (I am) constrained to seek urgent personal updates from the Chief Secretary by 10.00 PM today,” the statement said.

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