Nadda announces new BJP Bengal Central Committee; Sukanta & Suvendu in the leadFGN News

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BJP National Chairman JP Nadda on Monday announced the party’s new 20-member West Bengal Unity Central Committee with state chairman Sukanta Majumdar and opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari heading the party. panel.

In a surprising move, national executive committee member Mithun Chakraborty was included in the central committee. Previously, the committee had 12 members selected by the BJP state leadership. But this time, the central leadership took on the task of forming the new committee and increasing the number of its members. Likewise, Union Minister of State for Education Subhash Sarkar, Union Minister of State for Ports, Shipping and Waterways are among the new entrants. Former Rajya Sabha member Roopa Ganguly was kicked out of the committee.

Other members of the central committee include former state unit chairman Rahul Sinha, Union ministers Nisith Pramanik and John Barla, national executive committee members Swapan Dasgupta and Anirban Ganguly, the former minister of Union Debashree Choudhary, Party Chief Whip in State Assembly Manoj Tigga, State BJP General Secretary (Organization) Amitava Chakravorty, Party MPs Locket Chaterjee and Jyotirmoy Singh Mahato, MPs Dipak Barman and Agnimitra Paul.

The committee also includes several special guest members such as Mangal Pandey, Sunil Bansal, Amit Malviya and Asha Lakra who are observers and responsible for party affairs in West Bengal.

Sources said central leaders were unhappy with the performance of the state unit in various areas. Central leaders ordered the state unit to overcome organizational weaknesses and prepare for next year’s state panchayat elections.

Emphasis was placed on stand empowerment and outreach programs.

The state unit has also been tasked with forming all stand committees by November 15.

Later that day, the state leadership named Agnimitra Paul and Locket Chatterjee responsible for the party’s yuva and mahila morchas.

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